Almost Done


It has been almost a year since I’ve written about the project. Not because I haven’t thought about it or because we haven’t been working on it. I have and so have the young men involved in the project. We’ve secured modest start-up funding for the initial publishing and a sponsorship for the book from my scholarship sponsorEdgehill of Abington Rotary Club. The project will benefit from the club’s spring golf fundraiser.

Seems like it has been way too long for us to get to this point, motivation is a huge factor, I suspect my physical absence has played a part in the slower revisions and edits, but it seems like we’re on our way and these young men will soon be published authors! What a huge accomplishment for them, I am happy to say. We started this project with almost a dozen young men and women, we will finish with 3. They’ve written over 25 stories in English and Zulu. English because of my bilingual deficit and more importantly to encourage and improve literacy and fluency in English among Zulu youth.
During our last sessions together before I departed for home, we viewed the pictures, selecting our favorites for the book, discussed the stories, next steps and what would need to happen to insure we were print ready. We also took time to share our mutual appreciation for the experience of working together. One of the authors really caught hold of visual writing-drawing a picture with words, his stories bring to life the characters, I hope he gets to write more. The other authors dreamt up elaborate plots, which seemed at times unbelievable and were comical at once. What we are very close to having is a compilation of short stories in English and Zulu all written by young adult “free borns” who were tenacious enough to stick with it.

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