Another $1.00


Today I was visiting a Development Trust I had been to early in the year. Within 15 minutes of my arrival I was approached about investing in the trust. This was my third visit and it was clear I was from overseas. I was at the trust attempting to resolve a small investment I had made in June -that had become somewhat of a hassle. I respectfully declined, without resolution of the first item I wouldn’t invest in another. Remember I said not $.o1 cent in an earlier post, but I did invite the young lady to attend out Rotary Club for breakfast Thursday at 7AM and encouraged her to join a club or present to a club about the work of the Trust.

To be fair, Rotary is not the only organization supporting and/or doing great community based work, but I have learned through my affiliation that the standards are high for the projects in which Rotary invests and there is a level of accountability. Not only is there an interest in helping but thought is given to feasibility, sustainability and impact. I’m more likely to donate my resources through Rotary then I am to donate $1.00 on the street.

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