When I went back to S’thandokuhle the following week, although the youth had missed two days, they’d been writing A LOT. Joy Joy Joy! The next time they were going to be absent they called me in the morning before I got on the Road. It is a beautiful area and without traffic the drive is smooth but like home, it seems every Road I take has construction and I:) It takes me from 45 minutes to 1.5 hrs to get there.

Even with the stories and the day’s activities I figured they would need a boost. We talked about who they admire and why. It was such a thoughtful and Revealing process, there was also a shared vulnerability. By the end of the discussion they’d thought about what those admired had in common care for other human beings,  determination, willingness, Responsible. With the help of a friend, we brought them around to sacrifice and what sacrifice might mean. Although there were other tasks completed, a 15 minute short story writing exercises, sharing stories that had been written, this was the lesson I wanted them to learn the most from for the day. I think they got it enough to boost the energy Renew the commitment and commit to a third day of writing without me, but with lunch.
Friday night I Received a message they had come on Friday, finished a group story and worked on another! Tomorrow they get new cameras, jump drives for our visit to the varsity computer lab together and their visits to Internet cafes.

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